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ATB: Construction Industry Key Advantages
This recorded testimonial by an existing ATB customer, expresses how ATB works to enhance the bottom-line profitability of a Manufacturer Rep firm.

One of the critical challenges to the construction industry is the sharing of information and organizing the aggressive pace of bidding projects, IOM's and submittals. Successful management of this information is the key differential between the growing business and one that is sustaining or even hurting.

Agent Tool Boxes:  An online collaboration tool which offers the following Advantages:

Software as a Service (SaaS): A secure, web-based platform you control to turn on or off as much performance based software as needed for you to be productive.
Contact Manager:  Associate contacts (Manufacturers, sub contractors, engineers, vendors, 1099 Reps, etc) to PROJECTS with the option of project sharing.
Task Manager: Manage Projects using Tasks.  Task Anyone.  Group Tasks for Common Workflow.  Percent Complete.  Note Progress.  Assign Tasks using an Easy to Use Drag and Drop function. 
Order Manager: From Quote, Multiple Revisions, Sales Order, 1 Click Purchase Orders, Invoice to Billing - Full Report Sales Accounting.
Event Management: Scheduling Events: Accept, Decline, Rescheduling Events, Project Tasks and Other Key Dates tracked through online calendar that can be shared/published with anyone.
Simplifies Project Management & File Sharing:  Associate files with PROJECT record, allowing quick and easy distribution of Job files, Plans & Specs, IOM's & Submittals and quotes electronically.
Bids Pending Alert:  Will dynamically seek your customers to update key information on bids pending: Lost/Awarded/Haven't Heard
Copy Quote Items to Project:  Push Quote information to Project in 1-Click
One-Stop FTP Management:  Allow user's FTP accounts to Sync files directly into the PROJECT record for quick and easy file management and sharing.
Eliminates need for fax & cut sheets: Distribute Plans and Specs with click of mouse, eliminates need for faxing. Coordinate projects in 30 seconds rather than hours with your providers.
Project Visibility: SYNCs key project closing times with your ATB calendar offering 1 view of key events.
Dashboard: Provides 1-page visibility to FTP, Project, Contact, Vendors, Selections, support management, web presence & file sharing.
Auto-Reminder:Alerts both customer and ATB user of key information requiring attention.
Post Bid Analysis: Featured reports include key relationship analytics indicating profitable relationships.
Fulfillment & Quota Reporting: Manage Fulfillment and Sales Reporting.
Center Management: Each customer shares a unique customer view collaborating all information related to their business with you. Vendors, Partners, Employees share similar portal access to Key Information.

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