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 Agent Tool Boxes is A Web Services Company dedicated to enhancing the productivity of our customers.

What makes ATB different is the system empowers a flexible online relationship between sales & fulfillment (internal and/or external); search engine and eSTORE; affiliate rep and distributor; customer & vendor; owner & property manager, etc.  These relationships are then nurtured by a real-time collaboration of information and you do not have to change your current website to benefit.

Product Summary:
Enforce Custom Business Rules
Add custom drip marketing logic (Auto-Emailer)
Build completely custom interfaces that are hosted within ATB using custom HTML
Embed custom interfaces into standard or custom workflows
Build completely custom back-end processes
Interact with externally hosted forms and capture data using custom back-end processes for use within ATB
Upload & Manage file attachments
Publish Map to Site in 1 Click
Custom Multi-stepped workflows - customize workflows by automatically creating new records and redirecting users to specific pages
Enforce Custom Data Validation
Send email alerts based upon complex criteria across multiple records and record types
Communicate with external data sources and applications -- sharing and updating information between systems
Customer Self-Service Portal
Schedule Tasks such as emails/record creation
Case Escalation
Portlet Scripts -- pull data from external applications and present in ATB dashboard
Restrict assign ability based on user role
Secure and Encrypted, password protected


Schedule calendar events
Graphical Availability View
Notes Management
Completing Activities
Drag & Drop Multiple Attendees into 1 Event
One-Click Follow-Up
E-mail Notification on Activity Assignment
Attach Files to Activities
Reminders & System Alerts
Attendee Request Rescheduler
Invite Other Attendees to Events
E-mail Reply to Organizer on Accept/Decline
Event Resource Management & Calendar
Graphical Event Scheduler
Events, tasks and calls in calendar with email notification
View Others Calendars
Task, Event & Phone Call Tracking
Task Alerts
Billable time on activities

Contact Management

Manage Contacts
Companies or individuals as Customers, Partners & Vendors
Notes Management
Customizable Account & Contact Categories
Dynamic Grouping Capabilities
Static Grouping Capabilities
Single Activity History View
Attach Files to Contacts
Associate Contact to Event, Project, Case
Private & Public Contacts
Company Associated w/Contacts, Activities, History
Manage Relationship Types
Associate Rep to Company/Contact
Associate Groups to Projects
Document Management & FTP Management for small & large file sharing

Manage Documents Easily by Associating them with Projects and/or Contacts

Online file tree
Ability to Add/Edit and Remove folders & files
Smart Uploader to allow for large file/multi-file FTP file transfer
Allows for Collapse of File Tree
File tree can be shown in projects (requires Project Center)
Improves Group Visibility, Access & Timely Collaborationof files
eSTORE files available in tree for quick editing of graphics files on site
Share files with group (Requires Share Module)
Associate files with contacts, events, projects and cases (Additional modules may be required)


Keep in Constant Contact with Your Prospects
Made Easy by Setting-Up Campaigns (Print or Electronic) in Seconds
Custom Web Stores for Employee Business Card Proofing & Approval
Keep Your Current Printer or Use Our Printing Services
Reduces Error and Provides Corporate Wide Reporting
Professionally Designed Template Ordering System
Managerial Oversight (Optional)
Sync with eCommerce to track true ROI of marketing expense


Manage Triple Bottom line: Qualitative and Quantitative Data
Environmental Sustainability
Labor Practices and Workplace Safety
Workforce Diversity
Social Sustainability
Business Ethics
Economic Sustainability
Business Ethics
Align environmental, social, and economic sustainability practices
Monitor/Report enterprise, supply chain, and other partners throughout your business ecosystem
VAR Enabled


Storefront Module Includes
Optional automatic credit card processing online
Custom Stores
Market Multiple Product Lines
Multiple Stores, Target Multiple Markets
Partner Storefronts
Related Items (Cross Selling)
Add to Cart
Credit Card vs. Invoice online orders
CC Fraud Protection Security Code (VISA, MC, AMEX)
Credit card address verification (Innovative)
Add Custom Fields to Registration & Checkout forms
Shopping Cart customization
Post Order Workflow Management for Quick and Accurate Processing
Allow Anonymous (Password-free) Shopping
Custom Header, Tabs and Top, Left/Right Side Menus
Content Manager
Email Page to a Friend
Create multiple levels of categories & sub-categories
Multiple layout and color scheme options
Image & Media Resizing
Thumbnail, Photo Associations
Completely Customizable Dynamic Site Content
Descriptive URLs - All website URLs can now be shortened to
Includes 1 Time custom graphics of header, navigation bar, icons and footer design
Group Items Together
Displays mulitple option links for store item display, per item
* Required Merchant Account purchased separated (Innovative Merchant Solutions, Quickbooks)


Bid Management
Share Projects
Share Events Related to Project
Share Documents
Group Access
Improves Group Visibility
Post Bid Analysis


Reward Behavior Based on Set of Predefined Terms
System manages results of specified lead programs
Commission Structure Provides Incentive in Real-Time


Partner Calendar features integration with chosen partner
Allows for Partner to Accept or Adjust Scheduled Event in Real-Time
Partner Controls Acceptance


E-mail Notification on Escalation
Customizable Status and Priority values
Auto-Escalation Rules
Automatic Capture of E-mail Case Replies
Case Reply Via E-mail
E-mail Case Capture & Creation
Customizable Case Origins & Types
Upload file attachments
Reporting By Case Age
Publish Case History using Customer Center
Auto Case Closure When Issues are Closed
Basic & HTML Online Case Capture
Customer Self-Service Portal
Track agent productivity with Agent Activity report
Case Escalation
IT Service Management or HelpDesk
Restrict assign ability based on issue role
Close customer cases when all linked issues closed
Secure and Encrypted, password protected (Optional)