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RFQ Demo

Integrate Commodity Teams for Quote

sales | estimating | purchasing | suppliers | managerial review | customers | ...

Using ONE integrated and easy to use web-based platform.

This we call True Collaboration.

Agent Tool Boxes Integration
Agent Tool Boxes Business Application

eRFQ is powered by ATB - a business management

toolset that helps companies to reduce costs by

integrating quoting functions with ERP

supported by 1 service over the

internet (SaaS).

This approach of Software as a Service nurtures

critical relationships with suppliers through real-time

collaboration of information allowing businesses

to delay or even avoid the expense of fulfillment


Agent Tool Boxes Performance Integration

The problem we set out to solve is performance

integration. Agent Tool Boxes offers companies

immediate payback on their investment by offering

customers, partners, affiliates, vendors and co-

workers to share the key information necessary to

achieve top performance levels.

"Sharing information in real-time is key to today's

competitive edge. Agent Tool Boxes offers a unique,

custom method for achieving just that!"

eRFQ Streamline
  Integrate the quoting process
  Sales to Estimating/Purchasing to Supplier and back
  Manage Files Easily
  Database MS Excel Worksheets
  Auto Query Commodity Groups
  Task Management: Group Tasks Together, Task Anyone
  Common/Shared Format, Consistent Delivery
  Learn More Agent Tool Boxes
  Learn More Agent Tool Boxes
  eRFQ   Web Services