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Agent Tool Boxes is a web services company dedicated to enhancing the productivity of our customers. Contact Us Today
Agent Tool Boxes Integration

World-class Custom Web Development, Business Strategy and Deployment

  Web Applications eCommerce Capabilities Java Advantages
Web Applications
ATB is a team of business strategists and world-class software engineers.  We implement solutions using best practices and design patterns for Useful User Interface (UUI).  We like to say, the best kind of workflow is workflow people actually use!  Often times, this results in simple, clean and usable design, without compromising functionality.  There is still a tremendous return on investment (ROI) even if you only use consultants for a short time because of the usability savings over the life of the application. Our experts have also published a great deal of this wisdom, including considerations for high-performance applications and guidelines for autonomic computing.

ATB integrates business process with return on investment.  What we mean by that is we integrate internal and external groups to freely commence in commerce without the application getting in the way. 


Java Advantages
Java is a platform independent technology, so we can deploy our projects to Windows, MAC, or Linux/Unix. With Java hosted on Linux/Unix, you gain management/control. Also, there are higher server functions when using Linux/Unix. Java is supported by many open source communities including big support from IBM, Sun Microsystems and Apple Computer Inc., etc. Our applications can be easily incorporated with .Net projects, when working in webservices or HTTP get/post communications levels. We use well supported development tools - other than .NET solutions, whereas these will require an expensive Windows Visual Studio .NET development kit and frequent updates - on Java, we use Eclipse and Struts, better supported development environments sponsored.